Gravity Wiz brings Gravity Forms tips, upcoming Perks plugin

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David Smith, a developer recommended by rocketgenius for Gravity Forms work, has launched a side project called Gravity Wiz. Wiz is a blog dedicated to tutorials, snippets, and plugins written just for Gravity Forms.

It’s still a young blog, but a couple of posts there caught my eye. One explains how to limit user submissions over a given time period, and another shows how to close comments when a user creates a post using Gravity Forms. Also worth keeping an eye on, I think, is the yet-to-be released Gravity Perks plugin, which Smith describes as “small functionality enhancements that are too small to be managed as individual plugins.”

What’s nice about Gravity Wiz is it doesn’t seem like a complete affiliate link grab. I mean, obviously that’s a big part of the site. But it actually seems useful too, which you don’t see from many sites designed to support affiliate sales.

One thought on “Gravity Wiz brings Gravity Forms tips, upcoming Perks plugin

  1. David knows Gravity Forms better than anyone outside of Alex Cancado who is the lead developer of Gravity Forms… and sometimes he thinks he even knows it better than Alex. I said thinks… LOL.

    I highly recommend Gravity Forms users keep an eye on the Gravity Wiz site. David is a great resource for how to do both simple and complex customizations using Gravity Forms and has done some of the most advanced Gravity Forms customizations and integrations that have been implemented.

    He knows his stuff.

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