Gravity Forms launch site redesign, version 1.5, and two add-ons


Gravity Forms version 1.5 left beta and hit the shelves today, bringing the much anticipated new version into the public’s hands. Gravity Forms 1.5 brings a number of new features to the table. Top of the list are multi-page forms, pricing fields, post field enhancements, and a handful of new hooks and filters. You can find the full list of new features in their version 1.5 blog post.

You want more? Okay greedy, keep reading.

Version 1.0 of the PayPal and User Registration Add-Ons were released today as well. The PayPal Add-On allows you to accept PayPal payments through a Gravity Form, including donations and recurring payments. The User Registration Add-On allows you to create user registration forms which include BuddyPress and Multisite integration (as well as integration with the aforementioned PayPal Add-On). This brings the total number of Gravity Forms Add-Ons to five; the other three are MailChimp, FreshBooks, and Campaign Monitor integration. These Add-Ons are only available to those with Developer Licenses.

Along with the flurry of releases, the Gravity Forms website saw a redesign as well. The new site is much lighter than the previous design, shown after the break for comparison. The new site design includes a count of the sites using Gravity Forms (now over 100,000) and a solid Fight Club reference. There’s plenty to see on the new site, so why don’t you just check it out?

Gravity Forms redesign, compared to their old one (link goes to full size comparison image):

Now, with 100,000 sites under their belt, some of our readers must be fervent Gravity Forms customers. What do you folks think? And if you’re new to Gravity Forms, do today’s launches bring you any closer to whipping out that credit card?

8 thoughts on “Gravity Forms launch site redesign, version 1.5, and two add-ons

  1. Thanks for the article Ryan.

    I have been debating whipping out the card for a while now, keeping track of the Gravity Forms buzz on the net, and I think this does it.

  2. Gravity Forms just keeps getting better eh? Can’t imagine life without it.
    As far as the new website redesign, kind of liked the darker version better, the contrast of the different elements made it easier to navigate the list of features, now it all blends in too much, wonder how it will affect the conversion rates. Go GravityForms!!!

  3. I had major problems with one of the first releases on my website. The site was slowing down a lot. However with one of their next updates things went much smoother. I hope the plugin stays lean and does not blow up the loading time. It is now really feature rich and complex. A wonderful plugin!

  4. Ah, yeah – a very fervent Gravity Forms fan here. I think it may be the best money I’ve ever spent.

    We’re using it to create advertising order forms and contracts for our advertisers (have been told by companies it’s the slickest system they’ve ever used!), and I’ve just started using it to have blog readers submit content that is submitted into a post.

    Gravity Forms is well worth every penny!

  5. Love Gravity Forms! And their new site looks awesome. Since I always encourage clients to buy their own license, I don’t have the need for a developers. Will always recommend it as “the” contact form to use. Well worth the money.

    I just wish they would offer these add ons to the other licenses for an additional fee!

  6. I have been using the 1.5 beta of Gravity Forms and am glad to hear it is ready for full release. I cannot express how useful this plugin is. Worth every penny.

  7. Hallelujah! I have been a long time dev license owner and use Gravity Forms with every single project. It seems like I’ve been huddled in a corner for years, rocking back and forth, repeating to myself over and over…”user registration with Multisite, user registration with Multisite, user registration with Multisite”…

    I cannot wait to put this feature to the test!

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