Gravity Charge will integrate with WooCommerce


Late last year we first learned about the next rocketgenius project called Gravity Charge. Carl Hancock, co-founder of Gravity Forms and rocketgenius, recently mentioned that he has already been in discussion with the WooThemes team about integration between Gravity Charge and WooCommerce.

I caught up with Carl about the new integration, and this is what he had to say about it:

Because Gravity Charge will have extensive and powerful content access control capabilities, one of the logical integrations would be to use Gravity Charge for controlling access to content, files and downloads and enabling WooCommerce users to use WooCommerce for the checkout process itself.

With those plans in mind from Carl, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a powerful and functional plugin, providing a great utility for e-commerce website owners.

4 thoughts on “Gravity Charge will integrate with WooCommerce

  1. How much to integrate with and/or rely on a traditional ecommerce plugin is a big question when developing membership functionality for WP. I’m interested to see exactly what they plan on doing here.

    When I started to develop a membership plugin for WordPress a couple years ago, I thought I’d build it on top of the ecommerce plugin we had already built. It makes sense… why reinvent the wheel when you have checkout functionality already. The thinking is “a membership is just another product”. I’ve heard this line from some of the ecommerce plugin guys.

    But that’s not really true. Otherwise, there would be no market for the commercial membership plugins or Paid Memberships Pro. A lot of users just want to add a membership and have a checkout for that and don’t want to worry about products, shipping, shopping carts, managing orders, or any of the other things that come with the ecommmerce plugins.

    I wanted to build PMPro specifically for membership sites, which is why PMPro was developed as a stand alone plugin and doesn’t rely on an ecommerce plugin.

    That said, there are use cases where you want to sell memberships along with other products… or you want to include “addons” to your memberships, or you need to get a shipping address for someone. In these cases, I suggest either using one of the ecommerce plugins with their memberships module or installing an ecommerce plugin alongside a membership plugin. We recommend Jigoshop alongside PMPro.

    Lots of people ask us to add more one-off sales features to PMPro, but every time I think through how to do that, come to the conclusion that they should use an existing shopping cart plugin for those kinds of things. And we make sure that PMPro can integrate well to e.g. add memberships upon ordering a product, etc.

    Long coment here. Bottom line is that a membership is more than another product in your store. A stand alone plugin makes sense for most users. I’d like to see ecommerce plugins work nicely with membership plugins instead of one being a subfeature of the other.


  2. A nice teasing update 🙂 Sounds promising and really cannot wait for this. My question would be around the form management/gravity forms here and the recurring payments. So by this approach will all the payment gateway plugins currently available for WooCommerce work for recurring billing/Subscription payments on a per week/per month/per year/ basis? Strange thing at the moment on shopping cart plugins is, if you use the cart you get things like quantities – subscriptions rarely require this so in this collaboration of gravity charge and Woo will this quantity be handled by Gravity charge or WooCommerce I wonder! ?

    Also the discounts and things like “get 1 month free” from a recurring billing scenario, how might this be handled. My focus with a membership/subscription plugin would be around recurring billing so the cart is not massively important but I am curious on how it will handle discounts/quantities and any pricing variations in a recurring billing setup.

    Also using simple forms to buy memberships to me is a nice clean way of doing things. I was hoping for an integration with Gravity Forms as apposed to the shopping product pages you get with WooCommerce where one has to hide all those elements that are not needed. Anyways I would love to test and get involved as early as humanly possible 🙂 Great work im sure has gone in behind the scenes.

  3. I know this is isn’t helpful at all – but I’m going to wrap a blanket around my head until this is released to make the time go quicker.

  4. And here we are over a year later and @DeepTitanic’s head is still wrapped in a blanket. Let’s get this released before @DeepTitanic suffocates….lol

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