Graph Paper Press releases first Base child theme, named “Uno”

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Graph Paper Press recently released “Base”, their new WordPress theme framework. The first child theme built off of Base is called, perhaps appropriately, “Uno“. Uno is a photo gallery child theme.

Uno is minimal, one column, and seems best fit for showcasing large images front and center. The back story to the creation of Uno is interesting, and detailed in the theme announcement post:

The concept for Uno was hatched after chatting with Will Yurman, an accomplished documentary photographer from New York state.  Will and I were instructors and roommates at NPPA’s Multimedia Immersion Workshop in upstate New York earlier this year.  Will wanted a platform where he could maintain a photoblog, a blog, post galleries, post client galleries, add videos, add multimedia and create pages all under one roof.  For years, Will has relied on a combination of web software to make his current site function: Pixel Post for photoblogging, static files for pages, WordPress for writing and Flash for client galleries.  The new platform needed to be holistic, he said, simple to use and and designed elegantly.  I  knew it was possible within WordPress, but, I told will, I would need a few months to make it happen.

Uno includes three color styles, a dedicated blog page, and a built-in HD video player for self-hosting videos. Uno is only available with a Graph Paper Press subscription, but you can wear out Uno’s demo for free.