Graph Paper Press introduces the Base theme framework, brings application framework

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Graph Paper Press has created and released Base, their new WordPress theme framework. The new theme brings support for all current WordPress features, a number of hooks and filters, and something that they call an “application framework” within the theme.

Thad Allender describes the application framework:

New applications such as a Slideshow, Slider or Category Columns have become transportable, self-contained “apps” that can be loaded either directly inside child themes or via plugins.  Certain child themes will contain certain apps and these apps can be easily transported into other child themes or a new child theme that you create.  All apps contain theme options and can be sorted with a simple drag-drop interface to create the design you desire.

Graph Paper Press also intends to release a number of child themes very quickly on the new framework as well. You can demo Base if you’d like, and pick it up starting at $49/quarter.

Is it comforting to see theme shops like Graph Paper Press putting together their own theme framework, in the sense that it brings with it an inherent stability for future theme releases? What do you think?