Graph Paper Press introduces plugin for those who want tons of widget areas

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Graph Paper Press introduced Base, their new WordPress theme framework, about three weeks ago. This week they released the Base Hook Widgets plugin that adds 13 additional areas for widgets to the theme. The plugin creates widget areas in the following theme locations:

  • Before Header
  • Header
  • After Header
  • Before Title
  • After Title
  • Before Sidebar
  • After Sidebar
  • Before Footer
  • After Footer

Along with this hook plugin, the Graph Paper Press team plans to release a number of widget-focused plugins yet this month. The widgets they describe include slideshows, welcome messages, social icons, and client testimonials.

This new plugin allows those who want additional plugins to add them, while those that don’t can skip it. If you use a theme framework, does it adopt techniques like this? Do you find yourself disabling what you don’t need?

One thought on “Graph Paper Press introduces plugin for those who want tons of widget areas

  1. This is an excellent idea for a framework to intorduce IMO, widgets and sidebars give end users so much more power and flexibility and really push the boundaries of what can be done by non-developers (i.e. end users)

    If you’re not using a framework or are wanting to add more widget areas to your WordPress site then you could check out (warning – shamless plug alert) the Widgets on Pages plugin instead. A key feature here is the shortode support allowing sidebars to be inserted inside posts and pages.

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