Got A WordPress Plugin Idea? We Want To Help.


As you might know, Weblog Tools Collection just started their WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5.

The WordPress Plugin Competition is in it’s third incarnation targeting the 2.5 release of WordPress.
Last year the contest generated some great plugins like Who Sees Ads, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, MyDashboard, and the grand prize winner, OneClick.

Now that it’s happening again this year, the WPCandy team thought about entering the competition, winning the prize and giving it to our readers!

The deadline is in two months, giving us enough time to create a plugin or two, and enter it into the competition. If you have a plugin idea and would like to enter it into the competition but don’t know how to develop it, leave a comment and we’ll vote on the best ones.

If your plugin gets chosen, we’ll give you credit inside the code and with a post here linking back to your blog. Remember though, your idea can’t be something that already exist! It has to be totally new and of course, it’s going to be GPL.

In the next few weeks, I’ll post another update covering which plugin(s) we’ll be entering in the competition.

35 thoughts on “Got A WordPress Plugin Idea? We Want To Help.

  1. Hey Folks, I work with a lot of bands and I try to recommend WordPress whenever possible. The plugin I could do with most is one to display future posts in reverse order so it could be used as a gig guide. Normally when you add a post with a future date it doesn’t display until that date comes around, then it displays in ascending order. To use wordpress as a gig guide, future dated posts need to display until that date comes around, then disappear. They also need to display in descending order with the closest date to today at the top and all the future dates below. Maybe a way to group them by month would be good too.

    I hope this makes sense!

    Thanks for your great site.

    Cheers, Mark Gibson

  2. You can try something similar to

    in wordpress.

    This is something which works like this… you use english alphabetics to type in the language you want.. and it’s automatically transliterated … or displayed in the language that we really wanted.. and not English.. This feature is available on Blogger at the moment and lot of bloggers use it there.. if we get to work something like that in Wordpres… that’ll be great..

    Thank you

  3. I would like to see a business directory rating plugin. meaning you would be able to ad catagories, and when you click on the catagory it would list businesses under it, and that point you would be able to click on a business and it would tell the basics, all of which would be filled in via a form from the plug in, at that point a member of your site (wordpress) would be able to rate that business and then leave a comment on it. there rating would be combined with others and give an over all rating for the business. Would be really cool, if in the info area, you could either insert or link to a google map. and that info would be customizable from the admin area about what info you wanted to display, but by deafault it would have name, address, phone, website, and the map or link to, and a short descrition of the place. this has been something i have been looking for and would love to make, but i have no idea how to start it.

  4. One idea of mine is a plugin that joins the comment sections of two or more different blog posts (even across different blogs) into one. I first described the idea here (unfortunately in German).

    The reason why I could get use of this is because I sometimes want to post one entry into different blogs. For instance a technical article that I publish to a techblog, where I am coblogging with others, and my private one. I always think that it’s a pity when discussions on parallely published articles are going into different directions with the commenters in blog A not knowing what people in blog B say.

    The plugin could use the RSS comment feed of article A sort of “embedded” in article B and vice versa. Because there is a higher risk of SEO spam (the Website-URL of a commenter becomes posted in two or more blogs at a time), links in “embedded” comments should only point to the comment in the blog where it has been originally posted. Also a short notification like “The comment section of this post has been melt together with these of $post1 and $post2. Your comment will appear there as well” and an on-the-fly generated RSS feed of all joint together comment sections at once could be useful.

    Sorry for my not-the-best English, hope you got the idea nonetheless. 🙂

  5. You know I’ve always been on the lookout for a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your rss feeds. As it now stands you have to go into the wordpress rss file to change stuff, and of course forget to save it before you upgrade. I know a few plugins exist, but I have not found one that really lets you get in there and change fundamentals.

    For example, maybe I want the title to be a link elsewhere, or maybe I want to add a permalink symbol at the end of the content, or maybe a symbol in the title, or a prefix to the title, or I want to exclude a certain category, or mash a few of them together.

    You know, kinda a comprehensive feed customization plugin with a kick ass admin section, maybe with a template preview, like the post preview. Not sure if it’s possible, but there it is.

    RSS feeds are such a huge way many interact with a site these days it’d be nice to have a plugin that lets you easily tweak the thing if you need to.

    Anyway, something I’ve always wanted, but can’t begin to create.

  6. I’ve been meaning to try to work out how the taxonomy system introduced in 2.5 works.

    Matt’s using it on his site to tag people. So you end up with and other such urls.

    What I’d like to see a plugin do, is make this available to end users. From my poing of view, I’d like to replace the WP Movie Ratings plugin that I use with the WordPress Taxonomy system. But it goes further than that: in theory, both Mark and Jesse’s suggestions could be accomplished using the new taxonomy setup, if a plugin exposed it.

    You could have the option of rating things within your taxonomy (so certain elements were “rateable” and others weren’t), define whether a piece of a taxonomy could have an image associated with it (or, I was thinking, automatically retrieve one in the case of my WP Movie Ratings replacement, from Amazon).

    I could go on all day. Like I say, something I’ve planned to do, but there aren’t enough hours in the day…

  7. I use lots of sites who implements OpenID authetication. The user is a URL. My Blog has a URL. And OpenID has methods to redirect the authetication form an URL to another. You must add some tags on the header. I had to edit all my themes in order to include such tags… not a hard job but a repetitive one.

    I do not develop on PHP (I’m a .Net guy). A plug-in who add those tags to the header would be very nice…

    Also, the are many OpenID identity Providers… If one of those could be nicely integrated with WP (and WPMU) would be (in my opinion) a good point for the community of bloggers.

  8. I have to go with Mike Gibson. I like the idea of the events/ musician plugin and I am looking for something similar.

    For me it would be great to link it to the calendar function and have it integrated with micro-formats for key fields. Also if you could set up email reminders through RSS feed to post or SMS. That would be great!

  9. I’m pretty new to WordPress but I haven’t seen anything exactly like this plugin idea I have. The idea is pretty simple, a PDF creation plug in. Here are the specifics, the PDF’s will be created dynamically and open in the readers browser. The plugin will also be template based so you can choose which page elements to include (header, side bar, footer, etc.), you can customize the look of the PDF’s. All links within the post/page will still be active so your reader will still be able to go back to your site or any other site you choose (affiliates included).

    Here are some of the reasons I like this plugin idea:
    1) The reader now has an offline copy of your content with easy links back to your site or any other site you wish.
    2) The reader can easily send the PDF to friends and family (potentially becoming viral).
    3) If your content is technical in nature the pages can be printed and put in a binder/folder for future reference.
    4) there are probably other uses I haven’t even thought of.

  10. @Michael Zahora – That idea sounds pretty interesting.

    I could imagine the benefits like the ones you pointed out. The idea seems completely possible, but probably for a first iteration, I’m thinking of instead of allowing the Admin to customize the look of the PDF etc. just use their theme’s print.css style? If their print.css file is styled correctly, branding the PDF shouldn’t be that hard. Again, neat idea and everyone else’s to! Keep ’em coming!

  11. @Ptah Dunbar – I told you I was new to WordPress. I didn’t even realize there was a print.css, but that sounds like it would do the trick. And if it’s not quite right then a slight mod to the print.css could fix the look. How hard could it be?

  12. @Michael Zahora – being that this process is going to be automatic, as in, the PDF gets generated right after the user clicks the button, I’m not too sure if adding a slight mod would work that way.

    Now that I’m thinking about it, you could probably just create an entirely new stylesheet altogether “pdf.css” and link the plugin to that

  13. When i am login to wordpress dasboard i always imagine there is one stop place where i can read my favourite feeds, drop a comment to their site. reply my own comments. all of that if provide by one plugin i think will be great.

  14. Here my idea.

    An enhanced tag cloud.

    We are used to see many kinds of tag clouds where you select a tag and then appears the list of posts for this tag.

    But, If I like to select one or more tags ?

    My idea is an space, maybe at the bottom of the tag cloud, where you drag&drop the tags into.

    When two or more tags are dropped into these area, then a logical AND is used in a query for the posts.

    Excuse my english.

    Regards from Barcelona

  15. Hi!

    My idea: a plugin for export all the Google Reader feeds like links to import in BlogRoll

    Sorry for my english 🙂

  16. I’d like a plugin that links to a commenter’s author page, if they are a registered member of the WordPress blog. It’s a feature which I’m kind of surprised isn’t in WordPress by default.

  17. So, I created a plugin a while ago that would display a playlist exported from iTunes in a wordpress post:

    I haven’t had the time or the motivation to keep up with it. But I’ve had plenty of ideas on how to improve it beyond fixing the most blaring bug, which is that it only works with one playlist xml file on a given page.

    What I’d love to see is integration with Amazon where when you enter your Amazon Associate ID, it takes you to the mp3 or cd for a given track.

    I know you’re looking for something “new” but that idea has not been done. I don’t have the time to do it, but I’d love a plugin that helped music blogs connect readers to purchasing music — and save the authors a lot of time in doing so.

  18. whitelist\ blacklist for commentators

    the reader could choose …
    only my whitelist
    only blog owner whitelist
    only my my frineds whitelist
    only global witelist
    everybody except the my blacklist
    global whitelist except the whitelist from persons in my blacklist 😉

  19. @Michael Zahora & Ptah Dunbar – I like the PDF idea too. I think a default pdf.css with the plugin would be super. I’m betting a lot of themes don’t have very well developed print stylesheets…

    My idea has to do with creating navigation, and taking the concept of the “My Page Order” plug-in a step further (it lets you drag and drop to order pages in your page list/nav).

    Frequently when I set up sites, the main navigation is a mix of posts and pages. For example pages ‘home’,’about’,etc. and categories ‘news’ etc. So I end up building it with several lines of wp_list_pages and wp_list_categories, and excluding/including by ID.

    I would like a plugin that lets you create the nav in a simpler way and most importantly, allow the site owner to add pages later, and then adjust the navigation order easily.

  20. Hi,
    I’ve been searching for an index by WP “custom fields”.
    My blog is about book reviews. Custom fields are used to keep track of book authors, rating, title,… all of which is not really appropriate for the use of tags.
    Now, I’d like to have an index by author’s name, a title index etc. for the convenience of my readers. I hope this bit of functionality could be useful for others as well.
    Some rudimentary code exists on my page (see the “index” in the sidebar Autorenindex) but it is not really up to standards. I’ll be happy to share it.

  21. it would be really cool to have a plugin that would pipe all comments from your blog to an IM server as a special user or something, maybe with some sort of prefix in the IMs designating the post or the page ID. So you could interact with your commenters on your blog and comment on any post or page via IM if you know the prefix to use. Of course, immediately posting said comments without a page load would require som sweet ajax comments template, bt that would be sweet right?

  22. Another plugin that would be cool would be one where you could live edit page and post content from the page itself if you are logged in. so if you are logged in… click the “edit” link and the WYSIWYG editor or whatever appears around your post or page content, you can just edit without having to use the back-end.

  23. I really like Christopher Jones’s idea, but I’ve wanted a panel that also allows you to directly post, as well as edit articles right from a page on the site, without going into the back-end.

  24. @Christopher Jones: Thanks for the tip!

    I asked Matt Mullenweg if he knew of any plugin for this problem and he didn’t. He suggested using a blogroll for the navigation might do the trick but I think that would solve one problem while potentially making others.

  25. I think that would be interesting a plugin that allows post whith a toolbar some content of other blogs in your wordpress, like a quote.

  26. I would love a plugin that allowed the user to decide a winner between two posts and tally up the results for a ranked list, just like

    Alternatively, a clone for wordpress would probably be very popular.

  27. @Brandon: So your saying if an author leaves a comment the link back would be towards their author profile right?

    @Aaron – that playlist idea sounds interesting. I think I’ll need to dig in more and figure how it should work.

    @Tzaddi: Gotcha, I’ve had similar problems and I think I’ve got a solution for this.. I’ll keep you posted!

    @DrWatson32: that certainly sounds useful, I’ll look into that.

    @Brandon: Sounds like AJAX edit comments but for post. Seems doable!

    @Aulo: I don’t quite get what your trying to say.

    @Ched: that sounds like an awesome idea. Might be little too extreme but I’m sure we can figure something out!

    Thanks for submitting your plugin ideas, we’ll try our best to make all these cool plugin ideas happen! We’ll keep you guys posted!

  28. Hey WpCandy!

    I think that wordpress lacks some kind of competition-plugin. I have made some sites for sports clubs, fan clubs and so on. And sometimes it would be great to have som way to manage compettions. The user would enter the details and answers into a form, and the admin can log on to the WP-admin and look at the answers and pick out the ones who is wrong. And for instance if you want it to draw a random name of all the the poeple with the right answers, you just submit the ones you have chosen, and you can choose how many winners there wil be chosen and when it’s done drawing it you get the results and the option to post it to the competition-page.

    It would be really great with a plugin like this!

  29. Hey,

    I have a simple pulgin idea for WordPress. I’d like to be able to manage categories and sidebar category links more easily. I’d like an admin area in wp-admin that allows you to easily associate ids to categories/sidebar category links. I’d also like to be able to select which category links display in the sidebar and which don’t. Also I’d like to be able to manage whether posts display on the front page or just in a category and vice versa.

    I guess it would be called wp-category-management.

  30. I’m looking for a plugin that would allow users to choose an mp3 playlist to listen to while they browse our music sight. I believe the solution could be written in ajax. One option on a nav menu would be “choose playlist.” Under that option there could be numerous playlists that target the html div containing the player. That option would load a playlist in an mp3 player (like the xsfp player). Once the playlist started, users could browse the site, only reloading the “body” of the WP page (not the WP header or WP footer) allowing the mp3 player to play through the playlist. I think it’d take a couple of nested div sections, and converting WP links to ajax formating. I’ve seen several postings from music folks looking for this kind of thing, but have found nothing. We use the xspf player on our site, but the biggest reason we haven’t converted to WP for CSM is that we’d lose playlist functionality. Contact me if you want to learn more.


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