Google announces 2011 Summer of Code (WordPress) student projects


The Google Summer of Code (or GSoC) is a yearly global initiative where Google provides a stipend to students for contributing to an open source software project over the course of a summer. Mentors from within the given software community will help the student developers work on the project they propose for GSoC, assuming they are accepted. WordPress is participating this year and the full list of accepted student projects has been published by Google.

WordPress will be hosting 12 student projects this year:

  • Document Revisions with Ben Balter
  • File Uploader Upgrade with Jacob Gillespie
  • Local Storage Drafts backup with Mihai Chereji
  • with Stas Suscov
  • Enhanced Emails with Wojtek Szutnik
  • Threaded Comments with azram19
  • Extending WP Webservices with Prasath Nadarajah
  • Language Packs with Marko Novakovic
  • Refresh Android app UI with Anirudh S
  • Full-throttle Trac Annihilation with Jakub Tyrcha
  • WordPress Move with Mert Yazicioglu
  • Template Versioning with David Julia

According to Jane Wells, the group blog for the various projects will be established in the next week and be announced when it’s ready. Until then, congrats are in order for the students and their projects that were chosen. And since we’re all here looking over the list of project, head below the jump and let us know which is your own personal favorite in our poll.

If you’d like to see other projects that were accepted, outside of the scope of the WordPress project, you can see the full list from Google. Which project are you most excited to see come together?

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