raising money for recently injured Ptah Dunbar


Last Wednesday Ptah Dunbar, just a couple of days after attending WordCamp San Francisco, was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident in Miami, Florida. He was pronounced dead on the scene, but was revived. For the last week he has been recovering at a hospital in Miami, but was allowed to go home this week to continue recovering there.

Dunbar’s friend and fellow developer David Bisset kept the WordPress community updated on his condition via a number of posts on Google+, where over 100 comments were left in support of Dunbar.

Earlier today members of the WordPress community organized, a site dedicated to collecting money to provide financial relief for Ptah and his family. The site’s message includes:

As a freelancer, Ptah was without insurance at the time of the accident. Aside from his hospitalization, his future involves many specialists and recovery time. He’s currently being cared for by family, who describe the situation as “immediate”.

Donations can be made directly to the Dunbar family at, and comments may be left there to show support as well. The goal listed on the site is $6,000, which I’m told will cover his expenses for three months. At the time of this posted (only an hour or so since the site went live) the amount collected is over $4,000.

Update: Less than two hours after going live, has raised $200 more than the $6,000 goal, and the number is still rising.

Updated update: Until further notice, the donation form at is disabled. When more information is know about Ptah’s needs, the fund will be looked at again.

8 thoughts on “ raising money for recently injured Ptah Dunbar

  1. Ptah is a super nice and smart dude. I got to meet him at WordCamp San Francisco just a few days ago. He’s generously helped me out with WordPress stuff before. Thanks for posting this and making the community aware of this so we can help how we can.

  2. Wow, this community is amazing. I wish I was able to meet at WordCamp San Francisco because he definitely knows his stuff. Get well soon Ptah!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the HUGE support and the time and response to the donations were beyond belief and even surprised the organizers and myself. WordPress community proved (again) they’re a family.

  4. Wow, this one hit me hard! Not that long ago, I was in a motorcycle accident. My wife and I were in the hospital nearly 6 months. Total medical bill combined were near 2,000,000. Yep, that’s 6 zeros. Luckily I had insurance, my wife and I were not married at the time, so she did not. Besides the money factor, the recovery is a long battle. I had 13 surgeries, and many bits and pieces of my body replaces with various odds and ends. Spent more months in a wheelchair, walker, etc. Don’t let the financial implications get to your head! Recovery and rehabilitation is the true battle, everything else will fall into place. Get well soon Ptah!!

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