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WordPress Answers on Stack Exchange

Have you heard about WordPress Answers? It has been in beta on the Stack Exchange network for a few months, and a couple of days ago it officially launched. The official url of the site is So far, the project seems to be going quite well.

At the time of this writing, there are 3,271 questions from thousands of users. It is reaching over 52,000 visitors a month according to Quantcast, with a steady growth rate. I commonly see WordPress Answers popping up in my own WordPress search results.

It works pretty much the same as the rest of the popular Stack Exchange network; it utilizes tags, voting, reputation, and badges to help people sort out the good answers from the bad and determine reputable contributors. Stack Exchange as a whole now consists of 43 sites, and is expanding rapidly. It looks like WordPress competitor Drupal is even getting close to its own beta.

Because Stack Exchange works with a badge system, we may as well brag on the top reputation earners of the new project. The top two contributors so far are Rarst and Mike Schinkel, and Rarst has shared his own thoughts on the new site, including some of his favorite topics. I know some of you (the wonderful WPCandy readers) have also been contributing to WordPress Answers, as I see your pretty faces scattered across the top-users page shown above. Even Matt Mullenweg took note of it in December.

I believe we will see WordPress Answers continue to grow, and I look forward to utilizing such a valuable resource. Have you been contributing, or do you plan to check it out now? What do you think of the potential for a WordPress dedicated Stack Exchange site? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Get WordPress Answers on the Stack Exchange network

  1. It’s a really a great community with a number of contributors that go out of there way to provide solutions. It’s my primary site for any issues WP-related (especially as it’s already accumulated a healthy amount of different situations developers encounter). Keep it up!

  2. This is pure genius. A Q&A community where the A’s actually know what they’re talking about. I’ve always found similar sites for coding to be useful. It’s nice to see something as useful for the WP community.

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