GenesisBuddy becomes the GenesisConnect plugin, moves to StudioPress


GenesisBuddy was a BuddyPress add-on for the Genesis WordPress theme framework developed by Ron and Andrea Rennick. It allowed Genesis child themes to integrate with BuddyPress, the social network plugin for WordPress. The add-on has now been moved over to StudioPress and changed monikers to GenesisConnect. Brian Gardner of StudioPress explains the changeover:

One of the issues was that GenesisBuddy took the form of a child theme that had to be integrated with our Genesis child themes in order to work. While the process wasn’t difficult, it added an extra step which together, we felt was unnecessary.

Ron Rennick rebuilt the add-on as a plugin, which will now be a fully supported product of StudioPress. The plugin itself is not included in the StudioPress Pro Plus package, but will be sold separately for $49.95.

Do you use BuddyPress in your projects? Does this addition tempt you toward Genesis themes for your projects, particularly if you hadn’t considered it before?

7 thoughts on “GenesisBuddy becomes the GenesisConnect plugin, moves to StudioPress

  1. YAY! It was a hastle to work Genesis/Buddy Press before. I’ve been dreaming of a plugin like this for a while, and now it’s here–just in time for Christmas!

  2. Finally!

    GenesisBuddy was a kludge. It worked great though.
    GenesisConnect is much easier.

    Also, Ryan, I love what you did with the category structure and the icons to the left of each headline. And the covers in the bottom right. The UI is perfect. Homepage experience is top-notch. Well done.

    • Thanks Dave, I’m glad you like how it works. Actually hoping to slightly improve it in an upcoming update to the site’s theme. I hope you like it then as much as you do now. 🙂

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