Front-end Editor plugin hits version 2.0, ditches double click


There are a handful of WordPress plugins that are fun to use, but even more fun to show other people. Certain plugins just evoke that hey cool! reaction in others. Front-end Editor, from WordPress developer and contributor scribu, is one of those hey cool! plugins. If you’re new to this one, Front-end Editor allows you to edit your WordPress content from the front end of your site.

In the latest update to Front-end Editor, now version 2.0, the previous double click method for bringing up the editor controls are no more. They have been replaced by a jQuery-powered overlay that enables editing with just a single click. You can grab the updated version from the plugin directory, of course.

For a fun demo of the new plugin features see the video just after the jump.

If you use Front-end Editor, I’m curious just how you do. Is it something you primarily enjoy using, or do you set it up for clients the most? How many hey cool! reactions have you heard when showing it off?

7 thoughts on “Front-end Editor plugin hits version 2.0, ditches double click

  1. This has been my favorite plugin for a long time and it’s gotten even better. It is wonderful for clients because it is more intuitive than working from the backend. I think WP should move to being more front-end centric.

    One of my biggest complaints with Woothemes templates is that it uses some own template tags making plugins such as the front-end-editor break out of the box. I wish theme authors would stick to WP standard functions and just use filters/actions instead. It’s almost as bad as leaving out wp_head or wp_footer.

    • Love Scribu – and Agreed.
      There’s also the issue of some plugin developers who do the same with non-standard calls which probably could be using the standard wp functions. Makes it difficult to use Front-end Editor with a client site, then tell them they need to log into the back end to modify say, a testimonial (created by a plugin).

      Of course if Automattic put some more weight behind this, maybe we’d see more folks coding with F-EE in mind.

  2. I think some of my clients are going to love this one. Wondering if it supports custom post types, custom meta boxes, etc…

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