Free WP Perfect theme released


WP Perfect

TricksDaddy has released WP Perfect, a free two-column WordPress theme. The theme includes a 3-column widgetized footer, an author profile box below posts, a theme options page to control basic settings and describes itself as “SEO-optimized.” WP Perfect is designed to look both professional and simple and to load pages in a minimal amount of time. A demo, full list of features and download link can be found on the WP Perfect announcement post.

2 thoughts on “Free WP Perfect theme released

  1. It might call itself SEO optimized, but IMHO, it’s not. 10 H1 headings on the frontpage, sidebar and footer headings all H2, tons of navigation on top of the HTML on single pages, etc. etc. You’ll need to do better in my book before I call something SEO optimized.

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