Free A/B testing WordPress plugin by Max Foundry


AB testing ButtonsMax Foundry has released a free plugin to perform A/B split-testing on WordPress pages from within the WordPress administration. MaxA/B was released January 25th, and the Max Foundry guys are excited to release a free plugin:

WordPress and its community has been good to us, so we thought we’d give back by letting the millions of WordPress users out there have this little nugget for free. Everyone could use more insight into how their pages are performing, and the MaxA/B plugin will allow everyone to do just that.

The plugin allows unlimited simultaneous experiments and three variation pages plus a control page and a conversion page for each experiment. The plugin page in the admin shows “Experiment Details” with a listing of the pages in the experiment, and a tabular breakdown of the data collected as shown below:

ab testing stats
MaxA/B is certainly complimentary to Max Foundry’s other plugins, MaxLanding, MaxSqueeze, and MaxSales, which range from $29 to $49 for single site licenses.

You can check out the rest of the features and a video walkthrough on the plugin page. Currently, it is not available on the WordPress plugin repository, and is only downloadable from the Max Foundry website, which requires you to register and login.

Are you going to give MaxA/B a shot? Do you think it is worthwhile to have A/B testing built into WordPress with a plugin, or are you okay with current third party options? Also, I wonder if a paid version with advanced features may eventually be available. If so, what features would you like to see added?

15 thoughts on “Free A/B testing WordPress plugin by Max Foundry

    • Easier, but at what cost. If you want to test a different color on one button, you still require 2 different pages within WP. Not knocking the plug-in by any means, looks really well done in terms of usability and function, just need to figure out exactly what you need to test before choosing a tool.

      • And what do the 3 version pages do for your Google rating, considering they don’t like duplicated content?

    • I tried both the gwo-plugin and the shrimptest. Both are really painful to set up. The user flow and admin for these plugins need to be improved.

      From the video demo, this one looks much easier to set up. I’m going to give this a try.

  1. This is exciting – I’ve been thinking about A/B testing recently, but wasn’t sure where to start implementing. Great timing for me, and great contribution to the WP community. Thanks, guys!

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  3. This plugin is not updated since last two years .
    Is there any updated version available ? or is it compatible with the latest WordPress version ?

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