First WordCamp in Philadelphia considered a success


WordCamp Philly took place this past weekend, and with two dozen speakers and a full attendance, it was considered a success.

Event organizer Brad Williams updated the blog with news that formal reflection on the event will take place soon, and attendees will have a chance to complete surveys on their time at the event as well. Williams also said that presentation slides and video will be available as soon as possible.

You can follow the updates on the WordCamp Philly blog, or on Twitter @wordcampphilly.

2 thoughts on “First WordCamp in Philadelphia considered a success

  1. It definitely was a success. I had a great time speaking and I had a great time attending the other talks. Philly tech users, and WordPress enthusiasts in particular, are a very dedicated lot. I’m looking forward to next year already.

    (Also, the choice of venue was excellent. The classrooms were well-appointed, with great A/V setups and power outlets at every single seat. It was great.)

  2. Thanks for the article Ryan! As Doug said we had a great event packed with amazingly talented speakers, awesome sponsors, and just an overall great crowd.

    As a note, I co-organized the event with Anthony Bubel (@fir3).

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