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If you haven’t already, in some point in your WordPress-coding/designing life, you’re going to come across a WordPress bug or something you just don’t know how to fix or get working. So what do you do? If you’re like me, you’ll first ask your coding buddies, then hit up Google to see what you can find, then maybe head over to the WordPress Codex, if all else fails. Here are some alternatives to getting WordPress help so you don’t have to bother your coding buddies.

WordPress IRC

WordPress has provided an IRC channel specifically for users to login and get some WordPress help. All you need is an IRC client application and you’re good to go.

WordPress FAQs

The WordPress Codex has a whole section dedicated to FAQs. In there you’ll find some FAQs on Layout and Design, Working with WordPress, Developer Documentation, and Advanced Topics.

WordPress Forums

I usually hate forums. Especially when I’m looking for help. But nonetheless, they do the job most of the time. Some of my favorite WordPress support forums are listed below:


Google, believe it or not, is one of my favorite places to get WordPress help. Google knows a ton of junk. If there’s an answer for your problem, Google is most likely to know where it is. If there aren’t any great search results for your search, it probably means you’re one of the few people having that problem, so don’t be shy, go to a forum and ask!

When using Google, you can use specific keywords to search a specific site. As Hafiz Rahman commented below, you can use “” to search WordPress’s Codex directly from a search engine, and it’s more accurate! Click here for more on search engine tricks.

16 thoughts on “Finding WordPress Help

  1. Useful post 🙂

    Just to add a bit, in my experience, searching things in Codex using Google (as in ””) is vastly more accurate than using Codex’s on search engine.

  2. I just wrote a post about WordPress Support Forum and by what the numbers on their forum say, 75% of all questions asked are unresolved!

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  5. i would LOVE to learn all the things they know about whatever when making those mag themes. i could SO use some of those features in my site plans but i don”t even know where to start with it all.

  6. Hey, nice post.
    I need help fixing my website, it doesn’t show up the right way in IE 6. So i tried googling, for days, and i posted it on several forums (including the wordpress support forum). I also tried IRC Channel. But they just called me f*ckface and told me to leave! Unbelivable…

    I don’t think the WordPress FAQ forums has anything about exactly this, so i’m not even going to bother looking there.

    So any other ideas? =)

  7. I have tried wordpress support forum, sometimes it takes a minute or two to get your problem solved but sometimes you never get heard. As far as i have judged if you have question that is a bit technical you will have to wait longer unless someone really capable reads your post.

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