FCC communicates two plugins back to the WordPress community


Just a week ago the Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) became the first government run organization to contribute code back to the WordPress project. Its first contribution was a plugin, and as of this morning their second contribution is another plugin. The two new additions to the WordPress.org plugin directory are:

  • Faceted Search Widget, which allows filtering by built in and custom taxonomies, and now
  • Count Shortcode, which will count up posts given a set criteria and display a link to them.

Benjamin Balter shared the news of both plugins. He is a New Media Fellow at the FCC, and is also currently participating in a Google Summer of Code project for WordPress (Document Revisions, currently in development).

Balter explained why he is excited about the FCC’s move on their blog (which is currently running Drupal):

 In the vein of “open government,” open source and open data provides an additional layer of transparency: transparency of process and when members of the community contribute code back, it truly is governance by the people.

That sounds like something we can all get behind. Are you excited to see a government organization contributing back to WordPress?

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    • No, the Internet was invented to facilitate communications between the Defense Department and their research contractors.

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