Explore WPCandy’s vitality, according to new VaultPress Stats


The VaultPress Dashboard now contains a new stats screen that displays what are being called “vitality stats”. Different than typical statistics, which might tell you how many visits you’re receiving or where people are clicking, VaultPress vitality stats show you how you and your visitors are interacting with your site.

Using the level of access they have with VaultPress user sites, the team hopes to bring insightful information to users. Paul Kim on the VaultPress blog explains:

Because VaultPress backs up activity on your blog in realtime, we can help you understand time-based patterns. What time of day do you blog most often? What day of the week do you blog the most? We’ve crunched these numbers for you so you can see at a glance when you’re most productive.

Check out the gallery before and have a look, yet again vicariously, at what these vitality stats look like within the VaultPress Dashboard.

VaultPress Vitality Stats Gallery

2 thoughts on “Explore WPCandy’s vitality, according to new VaultPress Stats

  1. Hmmm – this is valuable data. Both for you, and for someone reselling it or analysing it for advertisers, etc.

    I wonder what assurances Automattic will be giving about the way this data is used? For Enterprise clients this kind of data giveaway is always a concern, though to be fair these kinds of clients already have pretty carefully set up data gathering and backup solutions of their own and aren’t really within VaultPress’s target market.

  2. David, this is all actually data I could get from crawling your site. 🙂 We haven’t had anyone ask about it, but it’s covered by our privacy policy. The kind of clients you describe need VaultPress more than anybody: an in-house solution is never going to be as comprehensive, redundant, real-time, as frequently iterated, as frequently tested, or as robust as VaultPress. I doubt 40/mo is even noticeable to most business you’d work with, so why not give them the piece of mind of an offsite solution, even if it’s in addition to whatever they have running locally.

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