Event Espresso offers Plugin for free to WordCamps

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Event Espresso, a WordPress event management Plugin, has announced on its blog that they are now donating their Plugin to any interested WordCamp organizers.

Garth Koyle, Marketing/Business Relations for Event Espresso, compares their free offer to the often used Eventbrite charge of $1.49 per attendee.

There have been or will be 136 WordCamps in 2010 and if, on average, each WordCamp gets about the same number of attendees as WordCamp Utah, attendees could collectively pay $30,396 just to register for WordCamps! That could fund the development of a sweet new feature or theme or be used to publicize WordPress as a CMS.

Event Espresso is available as a free Plugin, as well as basic and developer versions for $59.95 and $199.95, respectively.