WordPress plugin and business Event Espresso wins $40,000 in business plan competition


Event Espresso won $40,000 in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge this month, after months of preparation and three rounds of judging. As part of the competition the Event Espresso team had to prepare presentations and a thirty page business plan. They succeeded in moving ahead for each of three rounds, competing against 9 other businesses for the top prize in the end.

The way Event Espresso Partner and Marketing lead Garth Koyle sees it, though, it’s not all about the money they won:

The potential prize money certainly gave us the incentive and motivation to compete in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, but what we are taking away from this competition is much more than the monetary award. After preparing business plans, presentations, and learning from mentors, we are better prepared for the future and know what we really offer to the market, where we want to take this business and how we are going to get there.

Event Espresso is a WordPress event registration and management plugin. We’ve interviewed its founder Seth Shoultes in the past, and they’re of course friends of WPCandy.

This isn’t the only WordPress plugin-based business we’ve seen taking off lately. Gravity Forms has an install base of over 100,000 websites now, and OnSwipe (previously PadPressed) has raised one million in funding and partnered with Automattic on WordPress.com.

So what do you think? Are we entering a period of time where the most interesting WordPress innovations will be happening in plugins rather than themes?

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