Erick Hitter joins Automattic as Design Engineer


Erick Hitter announced today on his blog that he’s joining Automattic as a Design Engineer. He completed his trial phase, as is typical of Automattic hires, and will be joining “Team Custom” in two weeks to work on providing features that let users customize their blogs.

Hitter is the author of a few WordPress plugins with respectable download counts: Simple Facebook Share Button, Taxonomy Dropdown Widget, and WP Print Friendly just to name a few.

Hitter said that he is excited about joining Automattic:

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed at the opportunity I’ve been presented with. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Oomph, and they’re a company equipped to continue doing great work, but I’m ready for a new challenge. I’ll use the next two weeks to wrap up my involvement in our current projects before starting at Automattic.

Automattic employs well over 100 people at this point, and Hitter will join three others there who carry the title Design Engineer. He is leaving Oomph, a web development agency in Providence Rhode Island.

You can follow Hitter via Twitter and his blog.

Editor’s note: I pay much more attention to the graphics I produce for a post when writing about a designer.

4 thoughts on “Erick Hitter joins Automattic as Design Engineer

  1. In case anyone is curious, Team Custom is a new team formed in March of this year. We work on Appearance related products and services, like Custom Design, themes on signup, the Theme Showcase, Theme Customizer, theme viewers and pickers, and Infinite Scroll—as well as supporting Theme Team with backend development and stats. The charter for Team Custom closely matches the Automattic (and WordPress in general) goal to improve customization and help people make the most beautiful sites possible.

    As a group with the Theme Team, we work very closely together since there is a lot of overlap, communicating and collaborating often. We have a shared vision:

    When we have every awesome WordPress theme—both premium and free—available, and a suite of amazing Custom Design tools, will be able to provide the best WordPress experience to the majority of WordPress users.

    I’m really excited about the things we’re working on. Most recently we launched Custom Colors for the Custom Design upgrade:

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