Envato WordPress theme options framework “coming soon” and “free”


Envato, the company behind WordPress theme marketplace ThemeForest, has revealed their intentions to release an Envato developed WordPress theme options framework, for free, and to potentially serve as the de facto framework for themes submitted to the ThemeForest theme marketplace.

Jeffrey Way, previously the site manager of ThemeForest, now manager of recently launched CodeCanyon, said:

I think the idea of an Envato developed framework is a fantastic idea — and, I’ll tell you that one has been in the works for a couple months now. It should be released to the community soon.

Derek Herman, also of Envato, said:

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on an admin framework for ThemeForest and we’re in the process of working out the final few bugs. It should be coming soon and free.

These statements came in response to WPCandy contributor Jason Pelker’s editorial in which he suggested a standard ThemeForest framework to increase the overall quality of ThemeForest market themes.

6 thoughts on “Envato WordPress theme options framework “coming soon” and “free”

  1. Hey I’m Mark Brodhuber, the site manager of ThemeForest. At the moment we’re not in development of a full theme framework, although like Jeffrey mentioned, we’ve been considering something along these lines, and have been putting extra thought into it recently.

    What is in development from our superstar WordPress developer Derek is a dynamic options page “framework.” That will help to create custom options quickly and easily. More info will be availible on this project as it comes closer to completion.

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