Envato launches Envato Elite to “reward and recognize” their elite authors


The folks at Envato have launched a new initiative called Envato Elite, with the purpose of rewarding and recognizing Envato’s most elite authors across all of their marketplaces. Envato marketplaces already have a commission ladder based on sales numbers, but as the new Elite page says, “this commission ladder simply isn’t enough to contain them.”

The new ladder starts at $75,000 and goes up to $10,000,000 in sales. At the highest level an author will be flown out to Melbourne, greeted by the CEO of Envato, and invited to work at a desk with their team for a week at their headquarters. The pitch above the new Elite ladder explains the proposed benefit the new system has in the Envato community:

The Program is structured to reward and recognize Envato’s most elite authors. We want to say thank you to these authors who lead the way for our community, who stand as beacons of talent and skill, and who make the rest of us normal folk feel warm basking in their glow.

This move was encouraged, Collis Ta’eed said, by a recent editorial from Mike McAlister right here on WPCandy. What do you think of these steps? Will they encourage sellers on these marketplaces in a positive way?

7 thoughts on “Envato launches Envato Elite to “reward and recognize” their elite authors

    • Envato runs ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the internet. They crossed the 1,000 theme threshold about a week or so ago, and were pretty involved in the last two editorials that we published. This story is about how authors on all of their marketplaces, which includes the theme authors on ThemeForest, will be seeing additional commission incentives.

  1. I think the added commission incentives are great, but in my opinion it doesn’t address the questions brought up by Mike McAlisters’ article. The themes are worth more than they are being sold for.

    • It does somewhat address Mike’s article as we now have the ability to raise prices on themes up to 30%, with the new Price Adjustment Tool. However that’s only for authors that have surpassed the $75k sales mark.

  2. I think they have to do something before the “stars” on Themeforest (like Kriesi and others) start to sell their Themes on thier own sites.

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