Envato is looking for writers for recently launched Wptuts+


Envato is looking for some help. They’re looking for writers to help them add more tutorials and articles to their somewhat recently launched Wptuts+ site. If you’re interested, you need to meet a few criteria: you need a solid knowledge of WordPress, excellent writing skills, and a level of consistency in your work.

If you meet those requirements, you might have a chance to be an author for Envato. You’ll get a little more consideration if you’re able to focus on PSD to WordPress development, plugin development, and WordPress best practices. For each accepted article an author is paid:

  • $150 per tutorial for the first month,
  • $175 per tutorial for the second and after, with a pay review after 6 months, and
  • $60 per Quick Tip.

There will be an option to submit to their Premium Plus program with higher pay rates, if/when Wptuts+ goes premium. If you want more information, or want to give it a shot, check out their post on the topic.

Have you read or used anything from Wptuts+ yet? Do you use the sites in the Tuts+ Network? Tell us why you do or don’t use it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Envato is looking for writers for recently launched Wptuts+

  1. Thanks for the post, Justin!

    I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more and more WordPress tutorials on WPTuts+. I’ll be contributing fairly regularly myself.

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