Elegant Themes poll finds 17% of customers want more business CMS themes


Nick Roach of Elegant Themes posted a poll last week asking his users what sort of theme the shop should produce next. A number of options were voted on (see the full results) but top of the heap was “business CMS” theme with 277 votes, which was 17% of the vote total.

In Roach’s analysis of the results he found the voting predictable, despite complaints he says he hears:

The 1,600+ votes cast gives me a good idea as to what types of themes are in demand, and the many comments/suggestions given were great to see…

To me it was no surprise that Business CMS received the most votes. Despite some complaints that we already have too many CMS-style designs, it’s obvious from our internal stats that these themes are in demand and continually receive the most downloads.

Business themes are certainly popular. After all, nearly every major commercial theme shop has a few of them. Do you think more business themes are needed in the WordPress community? If you had your word in a theme poll like the one Elegant Themes ran, what sort of theme would you vote for?

4 thoughts on “Elegant Themes poll finds 17% of customers want more business CMS themes

  1. I would have vote for blog, personnal one. You know, the kind of stuff wordpress was for at first … 🙂
    We don’t all have a business or super-duper photos or project to show off in a portfolio …
    Business … well, from what I see, there’s more business theme than anything else.

  2. When I see demand for city/location and portfolio both at 7% it makes me want to make a city guide theme. There are hundreds of portfolio themes but very few city guide themes. Looks like an opportunity, at least within the ET community.

  3. Most of the members of Elegant Themes or any theme club may be web developers like us for whom businesses are the number one clients. They don’t mind paying extra for a premium and more unique design. So, the need for more variety in business CMS themes is quite understandable.

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