Educator’s presentation says schools should buddy up with BuddyPress


WordPress has certainly taken strides in recent years to improves as a content management system, or CMS. But one area that is still being explored is the use of WordPress as an LMS, or a learning management system.

Vernon Fowler is the English Second Language teacher and e-Learning Coordinator for the Hawthorn Learning Centre campus of Navitas English in Melbourne, Australia. One of his most recent projects there has been incorporating WordPress, using the BuddyPress plugin, into their school’s coursework as an LMS. A number of Fowler’s findings, as well as his pitch to other schools to try BuddyPress out, are included in a presentation he gave yesterday.

He concluded that BuddyPress is capable of much stronger connections with students than other available systems:

Which learning tool would 86% of students use for homework? BuddyPress. It combines features of social networks like Twitter and Facebook with Learning Management Systems like Moodle and Blackboard.

Fowler’s presentation includes examples from their own use of BuddyPress and use cases based on their experience at Hawthorn.

The presentation is embedded just after the jump.

Fowler has also posted a handful of his own recommendations for a BuddyPress setup, based on his use of it at Harthorn, on Scribd.

Do you see BuddyPress used in teaching environments, or educators interested in using WordPress more than they do? Do you think BuddyPress is a better option for schools than other systems like Moodle and BlackBoard?

3 thoughts on “Educator’s presentation says schools should buddy up with BuddyPress

  1. I agree – it’s a very big area WP could move into and oh boy do they need help. I’ve worked with a small group of instructors here in AZ that have been using it and want to have it more integrated into the school systems.
    Had them come out to WordCamp and intro’d them to Boone but this needs to happen.

  2. Some of the most interesting uses of BuddyPress I see are in and around the area of education. It’s always exciting to hear about people’s uses of BuddyPress, and Vernon looks to have done a great job with this site!

  3. Very cool article, great to see buddypress being used in cool ways. I might be blind here but where is tha actual link to the site itself. I have looked the presentation but could not find the actual school. I thought it was this but seems that I am wrong:

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