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Development has begun on the next version of Edit Flow, the editorial management plugin and big inspiration for one of the major advances coming to WordPress 3.6. The plugin, whose lead developer is Automattic’s Daniel Bachhuber, is lauded by many (including myself) as one of the best ways to organize an editorial team with WordPress.

Among the planned additions to next version, Edit Flow 0.8, are quick post creation, iCal support for the calendar, and dashboard widget for editorial comments. That on its own would make for a killer update, but those are just a few of what’s planned.

Bachhuber says the 0.8 release coincide with WordPress 3.6, which wouldn’t hurt because Edit Flow will likely be linked up by anyone writing about the new WordPress release. So if you’re a user of the plugin keep an eye out around April 22. And if you’re a heavy user, or a developer, run over to the Edit Flow Development blog and see about contributing to its development.

A question for the comments: is it accurate to see Edit Flow in a similar light as the BuddyPress and bbPress projects? At least in the sense of usefulness and depth of a project built on top of WordPress I’d say it’s comparable — certainly not as a blessed sister project to WordPress in quite the same way. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Edit Flow 0.8 scope begins coming together

  1. We use Edit Flow on The Gadgeteer and find the custom statuses to be really helpful for categorizing posts that need to be edited vs. the posts that are ready to publish.

    I wonder if Edit Flow could somehow add a feature to allow for collaborative posts. I run a product review site. Sometimes we have dual reviews with two people, but only one person’s name shows up in the byline and it’s not easy for two people to edit posts.

    Any idea of collaboration might make it into WordPress 3.6 and/or the next version of Edit Flow?

    Julie Strietelmeier

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