Edit Flow 0.7 now available, brings modular architecture and various improvements


Automattician and Edit Flow lead developer Daniel Bachhuber announced the launch of version 0.7 of Edit Flow this afternoon. In a few words, Edit Flow is a WordPress plugin that gives more control over the editorial workflow within WordPress. In a few more words, if you’ve ever wanted a more nuanced approach than Draft, Pending Review and Published, this is likely the plugin for you.

This update brings a number of overall improvements to Edit Flow, but particularly highlighted in the announcement is the new modular architecture that allows users to enable or disable individual elements of the plugin for specific custom post types. It’s reminiscent of the Jetpack plugin configuration screen, really. Additionally, Daniel says, new features can now be more easily developed, contributed, and added to Edit Flow as components.

Version 0.7 improves notifications and post metadata as well, but you should really just read the full feature list on the Edit Flow blog. While you’re there, browse around a bit and have a look at the new website design that launched today too.

This version of Edit Flow, Daniel says, has been months in the making. Along with a handful of other contributors, he also thanked his employer Automattic for allowing him the flexibility to put so much time into the project. If you’re interested in getting involved in development you can visit their dev blog at dev.editflow.org as well as the recently written guide to contributing.

How many of you have used Edit Flow in the past? Are you happy to see these improvements coming through in 0.7?

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