Bones starter theme hopes to replace common plugins, speed up development


Eddie Machado, WordPress developer and blogger at Themble, has released a new free starter theme called Bones. He built out Bones for his own benefit:

Bones was created after years of editing and reusing the same template to develop custom sites. It came from trial and error and tons of experience customizing templates. I trimmed the fat on stuff that you don’t really need as well as adding things you almost always have to use plugins for.

He also hopes the theme can take the place of many “horribly written plugins” being used today. Bones comes with built-in functionality for related posts, page navigation and post thumbnails.

Bones is free to download, hosted on Github, and brings a decent amount of documentation to the table. While Machado doesn’t call it a theme framework per se, from the sounds of it Bones would fit nicely into our own “starter theme” classification. You can follow Machado, the developer of the theme, at @eddiemachado on Twitter.

Are you drawn toward Bones, whether for its free nature or independent vision? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Bones starter theme hopes to replace common plugins, speed up development

      • Ok, the first thing I did was Clone latest from GitHub and run it against the Theme-Check plugin. I did this with Handcrafted Theme as well and found some minor issues, like changing the template_directory call to use get_template_directory_uri() instead. Some other minor issues, which I’ve reported on Bones Dev:

        Handcrafted already fixed their theme based on Theme-Check findings. Give both teams mad credit for awesome initiatives!

  1. Worked with Edward before. Very pro and knowledgeable. Definitely no noob when it comes to building scalable and performant WordPress sites. Damon to answer your question…”YES, it’s HTML5 ready”. That’s one of the features he touts about the most. I would keep an eye on Mach. This kids going places.

  2. Whaow! songs good. I was looking for a starter theme for ages! songs so good I can wait to try it! ….
    tnks a lot!!!!!! for this incredible link!

  3. Any way we can get a mirror of this? I’ve been trying to connect to the linked site several times per day since this article was posted with zero luck. I’m highly interested in this theme, though!

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