E-commerce plugin GetShopped asks for your opinon


Dan Millward announced today that GetShopped.org wants your opinion on new features for the plugin. Candidates for new or improved features are:

  • More Coupon Conditions
  • Enhanced Multi Currency Support
  • Advanced stock control and pre order alerts
  • Enhanced Sales Logs
  • Stepped Checkout
  • Wholesale Price vs. Normal Pricing
  • Better Customer Management

There is also an “Other” choice with a text box to write in your suggestion. As of this writing, “Better Customer Management” is winning with 22.5% of the vote. You can submit your vote here (or embedded directly below, after the jump).

Dan writes that this will be just the first poll of many, so don’t be discouraged if you see something missing from this list.

You can follow GetShopped on Twitter at @getshopped.

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