Duster may become Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten’s successor


Last year’s 3.0 release of WordPress brought with it a new default theme called Twenty Ten (Rest in peace, Kubrick). Twenty Ten was designed to put on display key WordPress features, teach new beginning theme developers, and was named specifically to provide that extra push to developers to create Twenty Eleven while it was still 2011.

Development on the next version of WordPress, version 3.2, is in full swing. With an update from project lead Matt Mullenweg just yesterday, 3.2 may bring with it a new default theme called, this time called Twenty Eleven. Mullenweg’s proposal is to improve and use Duster as this new default theme. Duster, of course, is the theme that ThemeShaper adopted and adapted for its redesign back in February.

Mullenweg added the following to his ticket proposing Duster as the new basis for WordPress’ default theme:

It’s been a few years since we did this (#9015) but let’s track the effort for the TwentyEleven theme, hopefully making 3.2, here.

Main goals besides what we’ve already done in TwentyTen:

  • To be different from TwentyTen, aesthetically.
  • Is a good showcase of WP’s headline features.
  • Clean, fast to load, and with best-practice markup.

Some people will prefer the design of TwentyTen, which is still excellent, over TwentyEleven, but that’s okay. We’ll have something new next year.

See the initial changeset for more info, andΒ we’ll keep you posted on any updates we get. Assuming Duster becomes the next default, Twenty Eleven theme, what would you think? Is it a worthy successor to Twenty Ten?

Editor’s note: This information is pulled from the WordPress Trac, which is about as early in the stages of planning/development as you can get. Well, except the mind itself. But until we can perfect our mind reading techniques here at WPCandy, which would undoubtedly increase the provocativeness of our blog posts, we have to rely on Trac tickets for early WordPress project movements. All of this is to say: take what is reported here with a grain of salt, since it could end up not happening. And try to limit those terrible, terrible thoughts of yours.

26 thoughts on “Duster may become Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten’s successor

  1. Awesome, thanks for the heads up Mark. I really like Twenty Ten, but have found myself starting to use Twenty Ten Five (Twenty Ten but with the additional assistance of being more HTML5 ready).

    Hopefully they’ll take all their learnings over this year and all the changes that have happened and roll them nicely into Twenty Eleven.

    • Quite like(d) Twenty Ten too, but with Duster now on the case, a man can change his mind right? πŸ˜‰ Mainly I’m looking forward to what changes are planned for Duster, it’s a pretty cool theme for starters.

      Like you say Aaron, I’m pretty sure many suggestions have been made on what the community would like to get out of the new default theme. Watch this space as they all say!

  2. I’m a big fan of TwentyTen and Duster (since launched for WP.com). I personally like to see a completely different theme (not based on 2010 or Duster).

  3. I use TwentyTen and almost switched to Duster when it came out. My reservation — and the reason I ended up not switching — is that I really like the body text of TwentyTen. Very readable to my eye. Seems a touch larger than the body text of Duster, but maybe it’s just a difference in the typeface. Maybe I just prefer a serif body text.

  4. I am agree with your point. I created duster based three wordpress themes. Duster is becoming very popular and base of wordpress themes for new themes. I used the duster based wordpress theme for my blog. You can check that. http://wordpressapi.com

  5. Personally I think default templates should be relatively simple in both form and function, to make it easier for newbies to use them and for intermediate users to learn from them. Duster may be too complex. It doesn’t seem to be especially popular among wordpress.com users either. I’m also dubious about the default being yet another inhouse job by Automattic; it would be nice if they could involve some of the theme shops this time round, even if only to knock up a couple of child themes.

  6. I like duster a lot… looks very nice and some of the features look well done. It is probably a worthy successor to twentyten. After all, twentyten will still be available if someone wants it.

  7. I like 20-10 and its predecessor; use both. Duster does nothing for me… Neither did Kubrick or its predecessor; never used either. Won’t use Duster, nor will newbies.

    Simplicity, as mentioned above, is nice but non-designers want much more. Uncreative types will not see the tree in the forest. There are bare frameworks available for those distracted by styling of others.

  8. If it is to be the core theme then it’d be awesome if 2010 Child Themes worked with Duster. That means people interested in investing their time and resources building WP themes have a serious framework to build upon that will carry them long into the future. Surely this would encourage more innovation.

    I also agree with Pothi though…. something entirely new would be cool. Maybe that will happen in 2012. But again why not make that a child theme of something that was supported by WordPress that we know is going to be around for ages, man 12 months just goes by way to quickly these days.

    I for one want to know that Matt and co are building a theme framework that means our efforts aren’t going to be rendered into obscurity every 12 months…

    • I don’t think limiting the default theme to an older themes setup is a good idea. Themes are the one part of WordPress that doesn’t need to be backwards compatible, so best just start with something new if there is any benefit in doing so IMO.

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  10. You may be right but I don’t honestly support this. Twenty Ten is a breathtaking theme and duster doesn’t have that much power. It’s as simple as yet another WordPress theme.

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      • It SHOULD change… without those options it reminds me of a pre sidebar / pre widget WordPress. Any other old fellas out there reading this that remember those days. But heck those days were a whole lot better then the B2 days!!

        • I’m unconvinced, I quite like Duster (and really Twenty Eleven) with the single column for posts, it looks pretty cool! Saying that though, it has been talked about again on Trac, but the general consensus is that it’ll stay as it is currently.

          Just because Twenty Ten has a sidebar for posts, it doesn’t mean Twenty Eleven needs to have one too; maybe we need a poll to settle this debate? πŸ˜€

  12. The “””default””” WordPress Theme should always have the option to have a sidebar on all pages.

    As a standalone theme who really cares if Duster has a sidebar. But as the “”””default”””” WP theme. Really?!?! πŸ˜›

      • I meant can i use twentyeleven theme, is that still in development. I want to use it to customize my new blog. I’m afraid if i use it then wp 3.2 comes out and twentyeleven i have to delete the one i have now

  13. Nice! thanks Mark

    Off topic maybe u can help me. How do I display only 1 post no loops on the home page. Like a featured article/latest one. If you don’t know no worries. I’ve just searches google i’m having no luck.

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