Dozens of WordPress domains are for sale at


Benjamin Bradley is the technical instructor at And right now he is selling a lot of WordPress domain names. Again.

Not every domain on the list is WordPress-specific, but they are all related. A number of them are pretty expensive (see the image above), but if you’re working on a project that lines up with one it might be worth your money.

Bradley has over 100 domains listed on his site. If you have something like $10,000 and nothing to spend it on, you could always make his week—likely his 2011—and grab them all up.

Just curious folks: how many domains do you own? Why do you have them?

4 thoughts on “Dozens of WordPress domains are for sale at

  1. Domains … hmm, last check 15+ definitely nowhere near Benjamin Bradley’s count. Most tend to be related to WordPress, although several are generic and a few personal. If a domain name comes to mind that I think has some potential, at least of late, I register it.

    Some are active; some are interesting; and, some are for sale 😉

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