Double Happy launches to showcase WordPress as an online game builder


Let me adress the first question running through your mind: Why is the video game man pointing a gun at Andrea Rennick?

Don’t worry, I can explain.

The folks at Instinct, the primary contributors to GetShopped, have launched a new site called Double Happy that showcase this latest use of WordPress: building online games.

Using custom post types and meta fields, the team is feeding sprite and level information into a Flash module, where the games are played. They are also using plugins, including BuddyPress, to incorporate social functionality into the games. You can join in the fun by signing up at Double Happy and using their editor to make your own games. Why not?

Now, the games themselves are bad—in the awesome-terrible old NES game sort of way—but there is definitely potential there. Most of the games seem to be tech demos right now, though some do bring their own charm. At least take the time to play through their most recent game, especially made for the WordPress community, where you collect familiar avatars strewn through the game world. And there’s your explanation for the screenshot above.

Wait, shouldn’t there be a WPCandy mint somewhere in that level worth a bunch of points? Somewhere between 10 and a bajillion? Just sayin’.

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    • Ha, to be fair, it’s really my fault for choosing to take the screenshot where I did. Technically he points his gun at all of the WordPress avatars in that level 🙂

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