Digging Into WordPress has been updated for 3.1

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Digging into WordPress

Digging Into WordPress, a book by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr, has been updated to include new features of WordPress 3.1. Digging Into WordPress is a 400+ page WordPress resource that the guys self publish. Scores of people will vouch for it as an impeccable resource for any developer.

The new edition includes what they call a “complete guide” to 3.1, an improved chapter on the Loop, and some general tweaks to “improve overall quality and accuracy.”

As in the past, they are offering DigWP in two ways, via hard copy or pdf. The pdf is available now for $27, and includes lifetime updates and some free themes. Free updates is no small feature, I’ll add, as they are currently on revision 8. The hard copy isn’t quite ready, but will be full color, spiral bound, and include a downloadable copy of the pdf and other features.

As an added bonus, they’re giving away a straggling copy of DigWP 3.0, which has sold out, to a lucky commenter on the blog post.

So, do you own Digging Into WordPress already, or other WordPress books? If not, what’s the holdup?