DevPress relaunches with new design and direction


DevPress launched last September, as a collaborative work between four WordPress professionals: Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly, Ptah Dunbar, and Tung Do. They created a good deal of buzz with the launch of their free News theme, and a few blog posts to get things rolling.

That buzz might just continue this week, with the news that they have relaunched their site with a new commercial theme called Visual designed for social and photo blogging. We have redesign comparison screenshots just after the jump, as we usually do, as well as the stylish video they made promoting their new theme.

In addition to the relaunch of their site, now using BuddyPress and the newly beta’d bbPress plugin, their new Visual theme costs $30. It looks like DevPress is entering the commercial theme space with this entry.

The screenshot below has the old DevPress design on the left, and the new one on the right. Click for the full size version.

In case a relaunched site with fresh activity, a new vision, and a redesign screenshot comparison aren’t enough for you (if so, what’s wrong with you?) they also put together a spiffy video for their latest theme.

What do you think of DevPress’ chance in the commercial theme market? Are you excited to see what this group’s collaborative efforts will create?

5 thoughts on “DevPress relaunches with new design and direction

  1. I love their new angle putting some focus on BuddyPress and the social aspect of WordPress. I’m a big fan of these guys, and I can’t wait to see what more they have in store. In terms of content and (premium) theme and plugins 🙂

  2. Thanks for featuring the site, Ryan. We definitely had to take some time and rethink our strategy before jumping back in. I’m excited about our plans for the future.

    As a sidenote: Yes, we’re entering the commercial theme market. However, we’ll also be developing free and commercial plugins as well as writing plenty of free tutorials for the WordPress community.

  3. I’ve got my eyes glued in excitement on these guys. Having been a long time reader of Justin Tadlock’s more general posts (i.e. not the most technical, but rather the intelligent rants), I’m 100% on board with his ideology for WordPress development.

    DevPress main selling points for me:

    Portable Content

    We’ve worked hard to ensure you can switch theme freely and everything will still work.

    This goes hand in hand with ‘using plugins where it makes sense’. There’s a growing trend for “app-themes”, and although I’m eager to see where this trend goes, I’m very relieved to see some developers stick with the plugin+theme approach.

    Focus on BuddyPress and bbPress

    They’re using bbPress (don’t know about BuddyPress, where does it say?) on their site, and their newest theme supports BuddyPress. My (project’s) go-to store for BP/BB themes and plugins might finally be here. WPMUDev’s business model never appealed to me, and WooThemes can’t make up their minds about their Canvas BuddyPress theme. Along comes DevPress and throws in BuddyPress support like it’s a given. I like where this is going…

    • I think you will be even happier about BuddyPress and BBPress related themes pretty soon. Me and my partner/buddy have been working on something that will make theme development (especially BuddyPress) a lot easier, and we’re planning to release high quality BP compatible themes soon. Good times for us BP users 🙂

    • Yeah, we’re using BP on, but its pretty subtle. The most public facing feature is when a site member comments on a post their name links to their profile. Until bbPress and BuddyPress integrate our site won’t be very BP heavy.

      Like you and Justin (and the rest of the DevPress team) I’m a fan of doing things the “right way”. As subjective as that gets, I like to think that hacks, a mess of settings better handled by more mature plugins, slow page speed, and theme-locked content doesn’t make much sense.

      It seems to be a little known fact that a proper theme is a skin and a proper plugin adds the real features. Our hope is that the community returns to that mantra.

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