DevPress pricing goes from $5/year to $30/year, teases news

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Speaking of interesting theme business models, yesterday brought a new pricing structure over at DevPress: a bump from $5/year to $30/year. The original $5 pricing was announced nearly a year ago to much surprise, discussion, and I would imagine quite a few sign ups. All new sign ups will be at the $30/year rate, while everyone who signed up previously can stay at the $5 rate.

So why raise the price? DevPress owner Tung Do announced the new pricing a few weeks ago to largely supportive comments from their community in the discussion of the post. As an explanation for the price increase, Do said:

We have an important announcement coming in a couple of weeks. It will drastically change the way we operate DevPress and our business model.

Do ran DevPress on his own since splitting from the other three co-founders in December. About a month ago, though, he began a partnership with Galin Simeonov of Alien WP and moved Alien’s support to DevPress.

It’s not yet clear what the “important announcement” mentioned by Do is quite yet, but I’ll keep you updated as I learn more.

One thought on “DevPress pricing goes from $5/year to $30/year, teases news

  1. I think the impact you get with this kind of “models” is good. But for sure developing themes, giving support and updating is not an easy job.
    Themes and suscriptions should have reasonable prices.

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