DevPress previews the widget app store that their members will have access to

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DevPress, which recently launched its $5/year membership, has previewed a handful of widgets that they will soon be making available as plugins to their DevPress members.

The first four plugins that they have previewed are a user profile widget, image and hot posts widgets, and a widget that lists sub-pages.

Justin Tadlock announced the news and according to him the original plan was to open a full widget app store on the site. The team shelved this idea when they decided to go the $5/year route. Now instead of selling each plugin in a store their members will have access to each widget as DevPress releases them.

What do you think of widgets, or even small pieces of WordPress functionality, being thought of and marketed as apps? Would you buy WordPress apps the way you (likely) buy apps for your mobile phone?

One thought on “DevPress previews the widget app store that their members will have access to

  1. Hi Ryan,
    The $5 year fee sounds a great idea .. take what you want, when you want it ….
    would i buy a widget ..sure I would if it did what i wanted and was not currently available , or better than wnats available … at times you definately have to swap a few dollars in exchange for a few hours saved .. and besides once you buy it you get to pull the code apart and learn from it 🙂 .. client projects are very time and cost competitive .. a widget app could help on both fronts

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