DevPress, from four WordPress pros, launches today


A new WordPress service, DevPress, made its public debut today. DevPress is a collaboration of four WordPress “craftsmen”, as they call themselves, which are each already highly regarded in the WordPress community individually. Justin Tadlock, Tung Do (aka Small Potato), Ptah Dunbar, and Patrick Daly have brought their unique talents together to develop themes, plugins, and tutorials.

In the inaugural blog post, they admit to not having an explicit business plan, and add that, “the direction is still a bit blurry… we do have one primary goal—to produce the best, highest quality, GPL’d, make you say “wha?!” kinda products. All in that order.” Based on each of their successes individually, it’s hard to imagine that they would disappoint.

As part of the debut, they’ve released their first theme for free. It is simply called “News”. I’m not quite sure how that name was still available in the WordPress Theme Repository, but as an early beta tester (a privilege of being a ThemeHybrid member) it is every bit as good as you would expect from these four. The theme is based on Hybrid Core and was masterfully designed. Some highlights of the theme are easy click shortlinks, an easy to set up slideshow widget that uses shortcodes, and really nice built in widgets for related and popular posts.

They also have three plugins and two tutorials available right off the bat. Justin has officially moved his very popular “Members” plugin to DevPress. Also, they have created plugins called “Clean-my-archives” and “Slideshow” which are both pretty self explanatory. The tutorials are on how to style the post editor just like your theme and using the WordPress comment form.

The debut does not come as a surprise. The team teased the project on Twitter in July and prior to today they were running an email subscription campaign on the DevPress landing page.

2 thoughts on “DevPress, from four WordPress pros, launches today

  1. So that’s where Small Potatoe is nowadays! I remember stumbling across his original blog back in late 2007 when he had just started his WordPress theme a day (or something to that extent–it’s been awhile!) and eventually sold his site..

    Definitely excited to see how his work has grown since his start with WordPress years ago :).

  2. Hey Brian. Thanks for supporting DevPress. The DevPress site itself is a bit messy at the moment, but we wanted to launch early and edit from there. The quality you see in our first theme release is what people can expect from us.

    @jordan – hope I don’t disappoint 🙂

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