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There have been some recent changes at DevPress, the WordPress theme and plugin club that formerly consisted of Ptah Dunbar, Tung Do, Patrick Daly, and Justin Tadlock. According to a post by Justin Tadlock in the Theme Hybrid forums (warning: post is paywall protected) and the about page of DevPress, Tung Do is now the sole owner of DevPress.

We’ve covered DevPress quite a bit on WPCandy since they launched over a year ago, largely due to an impressive team of talented developers and an interesting business model. I had a sense something was going on at DevPress a week or so ago when I noticed Tadlock posted his DevPress posts back on his personal blog. Also, there were some questions on the DevPress forums regarding the future of the site that shed some light on what we now know is happening.

Tadlock answered the inevitable “Why?” in his forum post before the question was asked:

…I felt that the project was not moving in the direction it should’ve been. And, I also felt that the Theme Hybrid community was somewhat neglected because my attention was split between two projects.

It does not appear that Do plans to change the controversial $5 club subscription model, as he uses the following description of the plan:

Not expensive right? I’m a silly person in the business of making people happy so don’t be surprised if you’re often dumbfounded by my actions and business models.

A couple of other things that come from this change are that the free “News” theme from DevPress will now be hosted on Theme Hybrid and maintained by Justin. It’s a very popular theme that’s received nearly 150,000 downloads at the time of this writing. Tadlock will also maintain two of the plugins released on DevPress, Slideshow and Clean my Archives.

As part of Tung Do now taking full control of the site, he’s also redesigned the DevPress site, including a new logo (pictured above) and a tagline of “Grandmaster WordPress Themes”.

I’ve not seen word yet from Patrick Daly or Ptah Dunbar yet on the change, other than the mention by Do on DevPress that they “have moved on to pursue personal projects.”

What do you think about these changes? Does it remind you of the days where Do was running WPDesigner? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


Tung Do has posted the official announcement of the change on the DevPress blog. Also, according to our post comments, Justin Tadlock will have a blog post discussing the change as well.

Do lays out plans for the future of DevPress, including plans for a new theme, and his intentions to support the Jigoshop e-commerce platform. Also noted is that the change is largely due to months of inconsistency, for various reasons, and that he’s “asked the guys to trust DevPress in [his] hands and they’ve agreed.”

10 thoughts on “DevPress is now a team of one

  1. Really sad to see this happen, the initial team really packed a mean collaborative WordPress punch. Having said that, I have no doubt Tung will continue doing a good job, the redesign is looking good.

    • Tung will be posting an update himself on DevPress. I’ll also be writing a blog post on my personal blog. What I posted in the Theme Hybrid forums was just to address my members about things they’ll be getting and not necessarily for the WP community.

      We didn’t all decide to leave, not exactly. We’re more or less handing over the reins to Tung. Just wait for the update. All will be explained.

  2. Not a very positive development unfortunately. We’ve seen Tung Do drop projects in the past, not to say he’s going to do the same for this one.

    A team of one also feels less certain and hints at negative attitudes.

    Personally when devpress started and I started using some of the themes and forums I was frustrated and found it very unreliable. I felt there was very little dialogue, mostly one way answers to questions and bugs.

    I’m one of those who benefitted from Tung Do’s early tutorials on wordpress theme dev, and am very greatful for that, but feel there’s a certain maverick attitude which seems to keep running out of steam.

    It would probably be better for him to promise less and deliver more. The Grandmaster tagline seems to be yet another claim to fame. We saw a recent theme design challenge bring abandoned mid way as well.

    I know it’s difficult setting oneself huge challenges and then living up to them, but when you make thee challenges public and can’t keep to your promises it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I’be gone through the same thing on a lower level with some of the challenges I’ve tried to set for myself and on my own site a few years back.

    Let’s see what lies ahead, I doubt it’s going to go places any time soon.

    • You’re right. I’m going to do better starting with promise less and deliver more. As for DevPress not going places soon. Actually… wait, just wait and see.

      • No problem. I launched the redesign a couple of hours early to test pages I couldn’t test while the maintenance plugin was turned on. I didn’t think Wpcandy would be that quick to pick up this news hehe.

  3. Can’t wait for Justin’s post. I heard a little buzz of this before this post. I hope this doesn’t end being another like project that gets sold and left behind.

    • Definitely not. It’s because I didn’t want DevPress to turn into another Wpdesigner that I decided to buy out the other shares on DevPress to run it myself. As a group, we were just leaving it there doing nothing.

      I’ve already planned releases for the next two months to get DevPress back on track.

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