DevPress Design Challenge aims for 32 theme designs in 32 days


Tung Do is one fourth of the DevPress team, and has announced that for the next month (at least) he will be taking a “leap of faith” and working for the business full time. Do says that while DevPress doesn’t yet have the income to pay for him to work full time he has saved enough money to get by for the next three months working on nothing but the new project. For the first month of this leap he says he will be challenging himself to complete 32 theme designs in 32 days.

Do was sure to explain that he is working to create theme designs, and not completed themes:

To prove that I really am working on DevPress full time, I will start and finish one new theme design per day for thirty-two days in a row. To clarify, that is one new design per day, not one theme per day which is not possible considering how much testing and fixing the DevPress team puts into each theme. And like DevPress no guarantee business model, I won’t guarantee when those designs will turn into fully functional themes.

The other members of DevPress, as well as the members of the recently launched DevPress Club, will be voting to determine which of the theme designs will become fully functional themes. Do has only completed one design so far: a minimal real estate theme design. 31 more designs should be just around the corner.

Those of you with a steady memory will no doubt realize this is just Do up to his old tricks. Tung Do, better known as Small Potato back when he blogged at WPDesigner, underwent a similar challenge in 2007 when he created 32 finished, working themes in just as many days.

Will you be watching the DevPress Design Challenge? Does it inspire you to take on any WordPress-related challenge of your own?

5 thoughts on “DevPress Design Challenge aims for 32 theme designs in 32 days

  1. Small Potato has always had a knack for creating beautiful websites whether they have code in them or were just a PSD mock up. His style has a little extra something to it that puts his themes at least design wise above most others.

  2. Tung Do is the hidden gem of WordPress design. It is one thing to be a great web designer and another to be a great WordPress web designer.

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