Dev4Press plans to release no more than 10 themes in 2011

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Just before 2010 ended, commercial theme and plugin shop Dev4Press shared its plans for the new year. Among these plans was the decision to release just ten WordPress themes total throughout 2011, not counting updates to xScape, their theme framework. After similarly releasing only seven themes in 2010, Milan Petrovic explains that this move is to ensure quality over quantity:

…I feel that having a lot of themes is not that important as having a lot of features available in them. … Quantity rarely translates into quality, and I want to offer versatile themes that are not rushed just for the sake of releasing more of them. I am working on few ideas for new themes, and first theme will be released in January or early February.

These themes will be built using the xScape WordPress theme framework that Dev4Press released in 2010. Petrovic is also welcoming feedback and ideas on new themes over in that blog post.

There are certainly other theme shops with a large number of themes under their belt. For a burgeoning theme business, what woudl you say is the ideal number of theme releases for a twelve month cycle? Or, further, how many themes should a shop have available at one time? Can you have too many themes?

One thought on “Dev4Press plans to release no more than 10 themes in 2011

  1. I think that’s really cool. With so many avenues a developer can use in order to sell their themes, it’s easy to get caught up in creating and pushing as many as you can.

    I think it’s not only admirable, but actually preferred that a developer or company make such a commitment to quality in their products. It’s so rare these days.

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