Developer chat kicks off planning for WordPress 3.4


Wednesday was the Weekly WordPress Developer Chat and this week the core team talked over what will be the theme for the WordPress 3.4 development cycle. As pointed out by Jane Wells, while WordPress 3.3 had a lot of features it wasn’t centered around a specific theme. With 3.4 the team will return to having a theme for each release.

In an agile development cycle like the core team is trying to adapt, it’s a really good idea to have a theme to center the release around. It really helps focus the efforts of features and bug reporting, so you’re touching similar files and not jumping all over the place.

As proposed at the core team’s meetup in Tybee, the team is going to try something new. Wells said:

At Tybee meetup, I proposed we experiment with our process to try and overcome some of our historical downfalls (lack of good time estimation, resource bottlenecks, lack of accountability, unknown/variable time commitments/disappearing devs, overassignment of tasks to some people, reluctance to cut features to meet deadline), and the core team worked as a group to come to the following process proposal.

They are going to focus on a few areas from a development cycle side of things: Schedule, Time Commitment, Time Tracking, Scope [creep], and Choosing Teams.

If you could add anything to WordPress in the next release, what would you add?

4 thoughts on “Developer chat kicks off planning for WordPress 3.4

  1. Without a doubt, the experiment shall be interesting to watch from the outside (not within the Core Team), I’d like to think it might turn out more productive? Who knows though, let’s wait and see what happens! 🙂

    I suppose I’d like to see some of the features/enhancements listed in Future Release and Awaiting Review on WordPress Trac make their way in to 3.4 (looked through the majority of then a while ago), which if I can help in any way I will! — The only other thing I’m excited about, is what Twenty Twelve has in store!

  2. I’m really interested in the new uploader’s resize feature

    It was there in beta and then the check box disappeared have yet to have a real play but I’ve checked and the code is still in there…

  3. Thank you for keeping us up to date with the WordPress development news.

    Any update on when WordPress 3.4 stable version would be released?

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