Details for WordCamp New Zealand, February 19th and 20th


WordCamp New Zealand

WordCamp New Zealand is locking down final details for the February 19th and 20th event. It is a “twin event” with WordCamp Melbourne, which will be February 26th and 27th. So if you are considering a long haul to make it, you can vacation the week between and get double-WordCamp-action (it is summer there). The WordCamp will be held in the Oceania Room of Te Papa in Wellington.

WordCamp New Zealand is going to start with introductions at 8:30 on Saturday the 19th, and the day is jam packed with speakers through a 5:00 Lightning round. The track includes sessions on security, SEO, running a large blog, and BuddyPress to name a few. Sunday will be a half day with “workshops and developer oriented sessions”.

Stacey Roche designed an awesome t-shirt for the event using the “Code is Poetry” tagline. Your ticket and t-shirt cost $85, but they are also offering micro-sponsorships for only $150. The micro-sponsorship includes a text link on the website and shout-out at the camp plus a standard registration.

An after party will be held Saturday at 6:00 next door to Te Papa at Macs Brew Bar.

Unfortunately, WPCandy can’t make it, but we will certainly keep track of the #wordcampnz hashtag on Twitter and link up as much as we can either in community links or a wrap-up post. You can also follow @wordcampnz for updates. Jason Kemp and Dan Milward,co-organizers of the event, have been very active recently with the Twitter account and blog.

So who is going to be there? What are you most looking forward to about the event?

4 thoughts on “Details for WordCamp New Zealand, February 19th and 20th

  1. Thanks for the shout -out Brian,

    Much appreciated – please credit Dan Milward as co-organiser for WordCampNZ and since its our 3rd event together we are cranking along nicely. Both Dan & I have been to WordCamp SF & Dan was at Chicago, UK, NY & some others. Anthony Cole who is one of the organisers at Melbourne worked with us on 2 wordcamps and also WordcampAu in Sydney ’08 where we all first met.

    We love wordcamp and the WordPress community. We have Justin Sainton & John Ford from the US this time and Paul Gibbs who is one of the core BuddyPress crew plus some local stars like Richard MacManus (founder of RWW) and which are both BuddyPress sites will get some air time.

  2. Thanks for the post guys. I’ll be there and I am looking forward to listening to the “IS BLOGGING DEAD?!?!?” (followed by dark ominous AND impending AND theatrical sound effects) panel.

    I’m mostly looking forward to meeting Justin (Group Deals Plugin) and Paul (BuddyPress Achievements Plugin) who are two of our international speakers. And then on Monday I’m looking forward to relaxing and getting my life back… until the following weekend when we hit WordCamp Melbourne 🙂

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