New podcast daWPshow will bring da WordPress smarts

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While the use of WordPress seems to be on a constant upward slope, WordPress podcasts centered on the CMS are few and far between. Sometimes they slow down and disappear altogether, but overall it seems the community just hasn’t really expanded there like it has in other areas. Josh Feck has thrown his hat into the oh-so-tiny ring this week with his new podcast production, daWPshow.

The new podcast will be less about WordPress discussion and more about topical advice for WordPress users on various topics. He hopes that the shows will take on a WordCamp presentation-like quality, and draw in WordPress users more than developers or aficionados.

I spoke with Feck this morning about what drove him to start the podcast, and how he sees his standing out from the other handful of WordPress podcasts out there. He said:

There are so many people coming to WordPress without web development or technical backgrounds. I think there are a lot of people coming in, and they’ve heard about it somehow, and they have this sort of expectation that everything is easy. Then they want to change something on their theme or get into plugins and start installing things and they run into trouble. So I though that in the podcast scheme of things, that kind of stuff wasn’t getting addressed at all. So daWPshow is sort of a topical, do-it-yourself podcast.

Feck also pointed out that he’s a big fan of the current WordPress podcasts, and thinks that his show will compliment what’s already out there, more than compete directly with anyone.

One of the toughest things about new WordPress podcasts is keeping the interest level up and, of course, the show host around to keep it going. I don’t think we have to worry about Feck, of course—he seems pretty excited—but it never hurts to show the love. Download his first episode on iTunes and congratulate him for the launch on Twitter.

Sometime in the future we’ll have to have Feck on the WPCandy WordPress Podcast to talk about his WordPress podcast on our WordPress podcast.

My head hurts.