Darcy Clarke of Themify moving to NYC to join web agency FI


Darcy Clarke, developer and co-founder at Themify, has announced he is moving from Toronto, Canada to New York City to take a job with an agency called Fantasy Interactive.

Though he will be moving and taking the new job, Clarke says that he plans to stay very connected to the WordPress community. He says that his partner (and Themify’s designer) Nick La has begun to take over responsibilities at Themify. Exactly how Clarke will remain involved with Themify is yet to be seen.

Clarke says he still considers Toronto his home, but is excited for the change:

The reason for this move? I will be joining one of the best creative agencies in the industry, Fi (Fantasy Interactive, http://f-i.com), helping continue to build award winning experiences. Toronto, and Canada as a whole, will always be my home but for now, I seek to grow and spread my proverbial wings beyond this city.

Clarke will be moving to NYC and taking on the new job on September 9th.

Be sure to watch an earlier interview with Clarke about Themify and his efforts in the theme space. Also be sure to join me in wishing Darcy all the best at Fantasy interactive!

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