Crowd Favorite launches RAMP to make content deployment an easier uphill battle


Crowd Favorite’s latest product, RAMP, is a $99 deployment plugin aiming to solve the problem of content deployment from a staging to a production environment. Instead of working to export and then import content from staging to production, Alex King and his team have developed RAMP to be as close to a one button process as possible.

RAMP will allow you to save content changes—including post types, users and menus—and deploy them to your production server as a batch. A brief video, embedded below the jump, will quickly walk through the intended use of RAMP.

Does RAMP look like it will solve your staging and deploying needs? Have you purchased it and tried it out yet? Share your experiences in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Crowd Favorite launches RAMP to make content deployment an easier uphill battle

  1. Another amazing product by Crowd Favorite. This certainly looks like it’s worth every penny of the $99. Isn’t this an issue all of us using WordPress are having. We either run a local install or a test site along the official site and once we’re happy with changes, we start copy & paste, DB dumps, etc. … this could all be a thing of the past with this Plugin.

  2. Yes! This, along with DeployMint, both look incredibly useful. They both have limitations, though – DeployMint can’t handle incremental changes and Ramp doesn’t do themes or transfer settings. Those limitations are crucial, though – and they do limit the usefulness of these plugins somewhat. I hope the developers continue to refine these products, there’s definitely a need for it in the WP community!

      • Code like themes is best handled using existing deployment tools (Capistrano, subversion, git, etc.). As to settings: RAMP has hooks so that any plugin or theme can opt-in.

        Be sure to check out the ‘Limitations’ section on the marketing page for a little more information. 🙂

        • Hi Devin,
          I agree that version tracking tools like Git are great for moving code around, but it would be very nice to have everything integrated into one tool. I hope it’s something you’re considering for a future version of the plugin.

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