CouponWP launches to save everyone a few bucks on WordPress products


Steven Gliebe, the mind behind ThemeSorter (a way to find WordPress themes) and long time web developer, has launched a new site called CouponWP that catalogues and organizes discounts and coupons for WordPress related products. Think RetailMeNot, but for WordPress only.

Gliebe shared his thoughts on the launch of CouponWP in the launch post:

The idea for CouponWP was born out of a coupons/deals section on our other website, ThemeSorter. Over there, we focus on premium WordPress themes. We thought it’d be great to take that idea a step further and track coupons for WordPress plugins and hosting too. Surprisingly, our research did not turn up a site like CouponWP already in existence (at least not one that was up-to-date with realcodes). And so here it is.

CouponWP launched during the same span of time that WPBeginner’s coupon section did. It looks like we can expect more WordPress discount sites like this in the future. Have you ever used a discount on a WordPress theme, plugin, or service? Perhaps more importantly, have you ever held off on purchasing something until a solid discount was available?

7 thoughts on “CouponWP launches to save everyone a few bucks on WordPress products

  1. I don’t know, but the nature of WordPress products doesn’t lend itself well to impulse buying. When a webmaster is looking for a solution for his website, he’s not gonna wait for a promotion.

    Then again, a lot of money in the WP world is spent in an emotional manner. That’s why themes are 10 times hotter than plugins despite the fact that you probably need many plugins, but only one theme.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Ryan.

    AppThemes did a good job with their first release of Clipper. I expect it to get even better with all the ideas they’re getting from customers.

  3. EXTREMELY disappointing to see that site offering a Hostgator coupon. First of all that has nothing to do with WordPress other than the fact that Hostgator uses the WordPress brand to lure in customers. Secondly, Hostgator has been hacked how many times in the past year? 3 ? 4?

  4. I appreciate your expertise. I got rid of HostGator. Now I am wondering where I should draw the line. There are a few WordPress-only hosts. I could deal only with those but then again I’m sure the vast majority of WordPress users are benefiting from a regular host.

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