Core team updates: Nacin to Lead Developer, Koopersmith and Cave commit access

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WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith announced a few new core team promotions on the WordPress development blog this week.[ref]Which has recently moved from to, by the way.[/ref] The announcement came on Tuesday, just a day before planning for WordPress 3.5 began.

Andrew Nacin has been a prolific WordPress contributor with commit access to the project for some time. As of this week, though, he has also been promoted to Lead Developer of the project. Nacin joins the small group of project leaders that includes Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, and Peter Westwood.

In addition Nacin will act as the release leader for the 3.5 development cycle. This is new for the WordPress project, and as Jaquith described in his post these leaders will “crack the whip when people aren’t delivering on things they promised.” If it works out we can expect a release leader for each major point release in the future.

Nacin wasn’t the only one to see a promotion this week. Daryl Koopersmith — who has worked on features such as the theme customizer, distraction-free writing, and the linking dialog — has been promoted from “temporary commit access” to having “commit access.” Jon Cave’s commit access is extended for the duration of this release cycle as well.

Perhaps, as Pete Mall suggested during the chat on Wednseday, is it possible Nacin’s promotion and leadership for the 3.5 cycle might prompt a few more #thanknacin tweets in place of the standard #blamenacin¬†ones? I can get behind that idea.

Photo by John O’Nolan.