ComicPress Manager development up in the air, Frumph to rewrite it eventually

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Okay, so it’s not a comic about the ComicPress plugin. But we have a chance to show off XKCD’s brilliance, so why not?

ComicPress Manager is a WordPress plugin that ties into the ComicPress theme and improves the comic strip management process within the theme. Phil Frumph, the lead developer of ComicPress as of recently, has announced he will no longer be supporting and furthering ComicPress Manager:

I am no longer supporting ComicPress Manager, the original creator gave up on it over a year ago and I have been trying to keep it together. There are just too many bugs in it that are issues that people give me grief for. That is; the support that I will give is of it’s current usage, not of any bug fixes. I can help with work arounds and understanding, but there’s nothing I will do about fixing the bugs that it currently has.

Frumph says he will be writing up a new comic manager plugin soon, after he finishes work on his Comic Easel theme. Frumph is also welcoming anyone who wishes to pick up development to jump right in.

Have you ever picked up the development of a WordPress theme or plugin after its original developer stepped away? Have you ever stepped away from a project to focus on other things?

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