ComicPress is now under new management

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ComicPress is a free WordPress theme designed for running online comics. Zombie Roomie, Reality Amuck, and Binary Souls are all webcomics running ComicPress. As of recently, Phil “Frumph” has taken over development of the project, now primarily at¬†Frumph has been running development on ComicPress for some time, as original developer Tyler Martin has been quiet regarding the project for the past few releases.

Frumph also cites donations as key to the changeover. The old site at was not under Frumph’s control, so all donations sent through the button on the site weren’t going to him but to Martin. Now at, he can be rewarded for his work.

You can now follow development on ComicPress at Frumph’s site, as well as on Twitter at @frumph. If you think the project is worthwhile, send him a couple bucks from his site’s Paypal button.

While we’re on the topic, do you have any favorite online comics? What online is worth a chuckle every now and then?